Alpine Roads. Morgan Sports Car Club

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After traveling with Classics on the Road to Tuscany and the country of the Cathars in southern France during 2011 and 2012, the Morgan Sports Car Club of Spain wanted to settle an old score that had long been valued: a journey through the heart of the Alps.

As on previous occasions, the cars would be taken by truck to the start of the route, in this case, starting in one of the cozy hotels of glamorous LakeComo.

We were able to visit some of the magnificent “villas” and enjoy a wonderful walk along the shore of the lake before continuing to our next stage, in Saint Moritz, in the centre of the Swiss Alps.

From there we were able to make several drives across incredible roads: the Flüela, the Spluga, the BerninaPass or the Stelvio were some of the “must passes” in our road book.


To complete the trip, we had the opportunity to visit the oldest town in Switzerland, the Italian valley of Chiavenna and the Diavolezza a mountain hut situated at 9000 feet in a unique location surrounded by 12000 feet high glaciers and mountains.


It is clear that on this trip the scenery and the road were the clear protagonists.

Author: Soporte