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Every year, Jaguar E-Type Club and Jaguar XK Club United Kingdom celebrate a concentration of members of both associations to ingratiate themselves in what is their leit motiv: the love of their cars.

This meeting lasts a whole weekend, during which activities such as dinners, dances, awards, live music and, of course, routes to enjoy driving, make this event one of the most appreciated in the world of motor British.

Classics on the Road was present at the meeting day that the Jaguar E-Type and Jaguar XK clubs celebrated at Chateau Impney on Saturday, June 3, in which more than 90 cars of both models arrived.

This former castle on the outskirts of Droitwich, a few miles from Worcester, was owned by a potentate of the textile industry. Built in French style during the 19th century, it has been a convention center and a luxurious 106 room hotel since 1925.



As a partner of Jaguar E-Type Club and Jaguar XK Club, Classics on the Road designs and organizes a tour for both organizations so that the drivers of these British jewels enjoy their vehicles while discovering new places of Europe crossing its roads.

On this occasion we were present at the Club Weekend at Chateau Impney to present the tours we have planned for both clubs ahead of next year 2018: a tour in Majorca and Menorca for Jaguar E-Type Club (more information here) and a tour in Tuscany for Jaguar XK Club (more information here).

The routes and itineraries of these tours have been meticulously planned to adapt characteristics of the E-Type and the XKs conforming to the Balearic and Tuscan roads, respectively.


This year, in September 2017 we will enjoy the Pyrenees roads in the tour that Classics on the Road has planned for both clubs, E-Type and XK (more information here).





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