Tuscany. World Heritage

Almost everything known about Tuscany before going, becomes true as soon as we drive on its roads. If someone had exaggerated, speaking about the beauty of this land he would have fallen short. Tuscany is so beautiful it causes hate and envy. So much so that many put armies to war in order to seize it. That´s the history.

The feeling when crossing any Tuscan landscape is that everything is ready to fully develop human capabilities. Because this land spreads perfection down to the layout of its back roads, which seem to be designed to be driven rather than to reach anywhere. Although they eventually lead to one of the towns that best deserve their title as World Heritage: Pienza, San Gimignano, Siena, Montepulciano …

Driving through Tuscany from city to city is a reunion with the best spirit of travel: clear horizons between fertile valleys, often with an escort of cypress trees on both sides of the road whose silhouette has become a symbol of the roads in the region. Suddenly, a town or city that receives us as if no one had touched a stone since the twelfth century with a cosy restaurant or hotel where they fully understand those who are not in a hurry and also those who drive that which the Italians love so much: una bella macchina.

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