Mallorca: Away from the coast

It may surprise you to find out that, despite its size, on Mallorca you can drive for hours without seeing the sea—or even the same place twice. Besides that, you’ll find yourself driving through the cliffs and tree-lined mountains typical to the island on narrow roads where a driver must rely on their classic car’s ability to hug the road and not be distracted by the vertigo that the high altitude may bring. The Tramontana Sierra, the mountain range that forms the backbone of Mallorca, is full of local highways that take you to vantage points so impressive that they could have been taken from Homer’s Odyssey. This is the place for skilled photographers, seasoned travelers… and experienced drivers.

Of course, it`s the sea that rules on Mallorca, and it is she who has carved the beautiful coves in the coastal cliffs. These hidden bays protect pristine beaches, which are almost too beautiful to believe. You’ll experience their splendor on this itinerary, whenever you just want to separate yourself from the rest of the world for a while.

But there is much more on the island tan its scenic highways. Mallorca is lively and a culturally rich community. A simple stroll through its many markets is a pleasure and a great way to wind down. No need to buy, but that is easier said than done, when you see the exquisite quality and style of the Mallorcan arts and crafts. Port Andraixt, Alcudia, Pollensa, Formentor, ports and villages whose culture is the result of Roman, African, Greek, and Rousillon influences. And when you’re in Valldemosa, stop and take a listen for the sound of Chopin’s piano drifting through the air.

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