The Pyrenees Tour

The PyreneesMountains, which range 400 kilometers, emerge from the coasts of the Atlantic in the West and the Mediterranean in the East, and for centuries they have served as a natural boundary between Spain and France.

Today, because of a natural space of unparalleled beauty and great ecological value, both countries have forgotten geographical and political boundaries, dedicating themselves instead to the protection of this natural treasure. As a result, Classics on the Road has planned an itinerary second to none, during which your classic car will reach new heights—both literally and figuratively—in terms of experiencing the high altitude sights of the best preserved mountains in Europe as well as new levels of fun.

At the same time, you will experience the heterogeneity of the Pyrenean culture, spawned from four languages and people: Basque, Castilian, French, and Catalan. From Perpignan, Catalonia, to Behovia, in the Basque Country, the Spanish Pyrenees wind from East to West through Catalonia, Aragón, Navarra, and the Basque Country.

Such a variety of traditions in a small space has cultivated a rich culture and has fostered a healthy local rivalry—typically Spanish—as to who works the hardest to protect their surroundings. Who wins? Clearly, it’s the Pyrenees as a whole who benefit.

Through the mountains, the roads may be limited, but they are impeccably kept, as they run through deep valleys, circle haunting glaciers, and follow the frigid rivers that originate at those same 3000 meter peaks and spill into turquoise mountain lakes.

Like any country’s boundary, the Pyrenees have their share of history: Hannibal crossed the mountains en route to attack Rome; Napoleon traversed them in the other direction when he invaded Spain.

Each event and each person has left their particular imprint and the result is a delightful mixture of cultures, both past and present, and a people that is eager to demonstrate unmatched hospitality, which you’ll see in each restaurant, hotel, and crossroads. Perhaps the result of living in the shadow of the immense mountains and unrivaled beauty, the people Pyrenean people are always willing to lend a hand and make sure that your visit is memorable.

Curves on the road? Of course there are curves in the road, and a lot of them. For this reason our Pyrenean itinerary consists of short jaunts that won’t exhaust the driver or strain the car; furthermore, the Pyrenees deserve to be enjoyed and savored on the long road ahead.

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