Alpine Roads and Landscapes

As a general rule, all who enjoy driving, have a special attraction for the twisty, narrow and less travelled mountain roads.

Spain is, in that sense, a great place full of mountain ranges of all sizes on which there are favourite roads. The mountains in Cuenca, Granada, Picos de Europa, Guadarrama, Gredos, and of course the Pyrenees are among the countless places that are often visited by those who love travelling with their cars and motorcycles on two or four wheels.

Each one of these places stands out for something special, and from a more subjective point of view it is possible to have a “ranking of favourite roads”

Driving in the Alps is at a different level. Not because of the beauty of the roads, but the fact is that there are not 12000 feet high mountains with glaciers at the top and mountain passes over 8000 feet anywhere else in Europe.

Another great attraction of travelling in the Alps is to tour and to stop at one of the beautiful Italian lakes. Como, Garda and Maggiore have been for decades, the preferred destinations for the European aristocracy, who choose these lakes for the peace and tranquility, allowing them to enjoy, all year round beautiful villas with private quays.

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