Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is a small territory with a huge and unique combination of culture and nature. Besides Sardinia’s well-known natural tourist sites like its beaches and cliffs that end in beautiful clear waters, we also find the uniqueness that the diverse occupations throughout history have brought to the island: from the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Aragonese, Italians…

If to this mixture of cultures, which have left many vestiges such as megalithic monuments or Phoenician and Roman ruins, we add giant white sand dunes, mountain passes with sea views, marshes with hundreds of flamingos and much more, we end up with the perfect location to take an ideal trip by car.

From October 7th to the 18th, 2019 travellers will enjoy an unforgettable route through the best roads of Sardinia. Sailing from Marseille on a modern ferry to the port of Portorres, the tour combines coastal and mountain road routes with interesting visits to monuments, cities and archaeological sites for 10 days, as well as stops at carefully selected restaurants with stays at 4 and 5 star hotels chosen for their quality and location.

After ten days in Sardinia, the beautiful island of the Mediterranean, the travellers vision of this area of Europe, its geography and its history, will change forever.

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