The Schumph Collection

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musee-bugatti2In the city of Mulhouse, located northeast of France, we find one of the best motor museums in the world, internationally known for housing the largest collection of Bugattis in the world, including the private cars of Ettore Bugatti.

Almost all of the 400 vehicles on display come from the collection created in the sixties by the brothers Fritz and Hans Schlumpf, owners of some of the most powerful textile companies at that time in Europe.

What no one knew was that they were investing much of the earnings from their companies to acquire dozens of prestigious cars that were taken into their warehouses in Mulhouse in railway wagons arriving, supposedly empty.

In 1965, having acquired more than one hundred Bugattis (including the private collection of Ettore Bugatti), they decided to transform one of the factories into a “secret private museum” of about 20,000 square meters that very few people knew about.

The cost incurred was so great that in 1971 their company was forced to file bankruptcy and the two brothers ended up flying to Switzerland while the factory was taken by the workers, who soon discovered their best kept secret.

In 1978 the French government declared it a national monument and since then the Schumph collection has been managed by government agencies to become the great treasure we see today.


Author: Soporte