The Mediterranean Sea,  cradle of Western civilization, because in its coasts have emerged civilizations such as Egypt, Greece or the Roman Empire, has some of the most beautiful places in the world. It is not necessary to do dozens of hours of plane to swim in water so clear that it seems transparent.

In this case we are talking about to the second biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea: Sardinia. This island, located in the middle of Spain, France, Italy and Tunisia, is a thousand year old territory occupied by several cultures for centuries that surprises every visitor who arrives on its shores. Sardinia treasures characteristics and unique vestiges of another time like nowhere else in Europe.

Next May we will make a wonderful nine-day tour of Sardinia, sailing from the coasts of the Spanish, designed exclusively for Porsche owners and drivers, who will stay in the best hotels on the island and enjoy the typical Sardinian gastronomy in some from the most exquisite restaurants. They will know the history, the culture, the art and the idiosyncrasies of an island as paradisaical as magical, and they will drive their classic or modern Porsche along roads that makes motor lovers falling in love with.

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